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Its indicating will have to be explored and analyzed, and many issues addressed. Quite a few variations are around the horizon, dear kinds, simply because this celebration is of these magnitude that there no phrases impressive sufficient to convey the wonders that this new period will bring.

Incarnation during the Bodily world didn't always occur in the identical situations mainly because it does these days and For the reason that recreation of civilization in the world following the Atlantean disasters and cataclysms. Through the Lemurian golden age, incarnation didn't outcome With all the exact separation between the consciousness of your body, or what you may perhaps connect with the automobiles of your soul, and its celestial counterpart, the Soul, Larger Self, or Lightbody. The automobiles from the lessen soul, the persona, are etheric, mental, psychological and Bodily. When mankind was allowed to reincarnate through a DNA bottle-neck once the Atlantean drama, plus the tampering of its physical DNA, 13,000 year in the past, some constraints were being introduced, and Even though they have been Portion of an agenda with the darkish forces governing mankind, such as the Archons, the Spiritual Hierarchy decided to permit them as a way to avoid a repetition of your misuse of electric power that experienced precipitated the downfall of Atlantis, such as the premature use or misuse of psychic powers.

As for who called the Assembly to formalise the Federation, I don't know. It appears to me the type of point a civil servant would do. Beam me up, Scotty!

I’d prefer to give the galactics an opportunity to clarify why they’re here, the place they originate from, how they Arrange on their own, etc., and I’d like to permit them to take action in their unique language, devoid of undue interpretation.

‘Within this Island of Atlantis, an incredible and wonderful electricity exerted rule in excess of the complete island and several Some others, and experienced dominion about incredibly massive elements of the continent of Europe. This extensive power, getting gathered together in Galactic Federation of Light strength and arms, O Solon, endeavoured to assault and enslave our region of Egypt and Europe, and yours, and all those that live Galactic Federation of Light throughout the columns of Hercules.

The voice additional: "We arrive at warn you of your destiny of your race plus your environment so you may perhaps converse in your fellow beings, the study course you should take to steer clear of the disasters which threaten your earth, and the beings on our worlds close to you.

I want to reassure you that the whole process of Disclosure is on its way, and that it is inevitable because mankind is currently being afflicted by a magnificent focus of Light radiation as being the Earth and the Photo voltaic Program are traversing a region of House which abounds with photonic Light. Disclosure is always that wonderful wave of enlightenment that will almost certainly cause incredible adjustments in The entire environment.

Nevertheless, Following the Celebration the Energies ‘en masse’ can have adjusted and remodeled to such a diploma, that Substantially of that which one particular at the time realized, will certainly be in the earlier Galactic Federation of Light … within the ‘old globe’ … would we are saying.

frequency, aids in your feeling tranquil and provides the benefits with wisdom You should utilize on your journey of awakening. It presents chance to whole align with who you're.

This we have also mentioned right before. Nonetheless, at the time this has taken area … Each and every soul shall ‘return spherical’ in their own time. So, we can not Offer you hrs, times and many others. Yet, we opt to say … just about anything as much as a week Galactic Federation of Light of your time right before one particular feels the need to even consider normality.

We are organized to police the Universe assisting youthful civilizations evolve with no interference. We perform the bidding of anyone who has the ear of God, and carry out his programs for evolution. (twelve)

Me chame com a seguinte invocação ou um deste tipo, e depois recite a oração ou uma de sua escolha three a 33 vezes. Eu te amo com todo o meu coração.

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